Vera Kirilenko


Vera is an artist who over the years tried her hand in various art mediums.  

In her pursuit for the art education, Vera is a self-taught artist, who also participated in numerous master classes and technique courses.


Currently, epoxy resin, acrylic and inks are her favorite materials. She feels they provide endless opportunities for experimentation with colors, textures and visual effects; they give an artist a lot of freedom, while also teach to surrender to the force of unpredictable chemical reactions and let them cooperate while creating the art piece...


When the mood calls for more structure, Vera uses pastels to create dreamy drawings, inspired by nature and beauty she sees in the simplicity of the everyday life.


Being a kinesthetic person, Vera loves that both mediums allow her to draw and paint using her fingers along with chalks and brushes.


Vera’s personal connection to and love of colors lead her to learn more about how colors impact personalities. She believes that colors can help people to experience different feelings, thoughts, understand themselves better.

Vera hopes that looking at her paintings you can feel inspiration, happiness and find your inner peace...